Netgear AC1200 Setup Guide

In this very AC1200 setup guide, we will attempt to make you familiar with various aspects related to the AC1200 WiFi router bankrolled by Netgear. For your information, performing Netgear AC1200 setup is very much easy with the help of the Nighthawk router app. Walking through the upcoming sections will help you know how you can use this very router app for adding the AC1200 wireless router to your home network.

Using Nighthawk App for Netgear AC1200 Setup

Before starting the actual steps, we advise you to unbox your brand new AC1200 wireless router and check all its accessories. Just in case any of them is found damaged, get it replaced and connect them to their respective ports of the router. For example, Antenna must go into the dedicated jacks and the Power cable must be connected to the Power port. Once done, you are suggested to give a shot at these instructions.

  • Power down the modem and insert one end of an RJ45 cable into its LAN1 port.
  • The second end of the LAN cable must go into the AC1200 router’s WAN port.
  • After that, you can start switching on your WiFi devices.
  • Start with the modem and finish with the router. If there is any switch, power it up before the Netgear AC1200 wireless router.
  • Unlock your mobile phone and connect it to the router’s WiFi network.
  • From the dedicated app store of your mobile phone, download the Netgear Nighthawk app.
  • Once the app gets installed, launch it by tapping the icon.
  • Walk through the instructions appearing on the screen to complete the Netgear AC1200 setup.
Nighthawk App

Cannot Setup Netgear AC1200 via App?

Connect your computer to the WiFi network of your AC1200 router or use the Ethernet cable and access the default web or IP address on an updated web browser. Follow the instructions appearing on the screen as soon as the BASIC Home page shows up.

Steps to Login to Netgear AC1200 Router

It is fine to set up the AC1200 wireless router through the Nighthawk app. But still, when it comes to managing the network settings, we advise you do it using the IP address. Mentioned ahead are the steps that you can use to log in to your Netgear AC1200 so that home network can be managed without any diffculty:

Netgear AC1200 Manual

Logging in to the router requires you to use the admin details. If you have not changed them during the installation process, you can find their true values in the router’s user guide. We’ve also mentioned the same for you:
Default Web URL: or
Default IP Address:
Default Username and Password: admin and password (in lowercase)

Troubleshooting: Netgear AC1200 Lights

LED Status Description Troubleshooting
Solid Green Router is on and power is steady. Nothing required.
Blinking Green AC1200 firmware update is in progress. Wait and let the process get completed.
Off No power is being received by the router Turn on the router.
InternetInternet Solid Green The internet connection is stable. No troubleshooting is needed.
Off There is no router-modem connection. Connect the AC1200 router and modem using a LAN cable.
WiFi LEDWiFi LED Solid Green WiFi is functioning on your Netgear AC1200 router. Enjoy internet on your devices.
Off WiFi not working/ Wireless radio is off. Press the router’s WiFi button.
Ethernet Ports1-4 LEDEthernet Ports Solid Green A powered on device is connected to the Ethernet jack. Nothing required.
Off No device on the Ethernet port. Connect an Ethernet-enabled device to the port (if needed).
USB LEDUSB LED Solid Green USB is connected to your Netgear AC1200 router. Access the USB.
Blinking USB is plugged in and is trying to connect. Wait for some time.
Off No USB is connected/Safely Remove Hardware button has been clicked. Connect the USB if you want to access it.
WPS LEDWPS LED Blinking (2 min) The router is attempting a WPS connection with WPS-authorized device. Let the WPS connection get established.
Solid Green WPS-enabled device is connected to the router. Use the internet on your WPS-authorized device.

Hopefully, you will be able to complete Netgear AC1200 setup using the Nighthawk app or the manual approach. However, do not forget to update the firmware of your router to get enhanced outputs.

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