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There are billions of internet-connected devices in the world and each of them has a unique IP address. is one such 16-bit block of private IP addresses that belongs to plenty of WiFi routers. However, this statement does not contradict the fact that every internet-connected device has its special IP address. It is because one needs to be connected to the network of the router to access its IP address. On this page, you will find all the necessary information related to the IP in discussion along with the techniques that can help you fix problems in case you face any while accessing it.

How to Access IP Address?

It has already been mentioned that you won’t be able to access the router’s IP address if your device (computer/laptop/mobile phone) is not connected to the local network of the router. However, in some cases, it is advised that you connect your device directly to the router via a LAN cable for security purposes. Here’s how you can access the IP by connecting your device to the router’s network.

Step 1: Connect Your Computer to Router

We’re assuming that you’ve already switched on your modem and router. It means you are free to create a connection between your computer and router. Thus, open Network and Internet Settings on your computer and select the SSID that belongs to your WiFi router. When prompted to enter the network key, do the honors and hit Connect. However, if you do not want security reasons to stop you from accessing the router’s login IP, it is suggested that you hardwire your computer and router. Make sure that you use a non-damaged Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Enter in the Browser

The moment your computer gets successfully connected to the router, you are supposed to open an internet browser. After that, move to the URL field and enter the IP address. You will soon be greeted by the router’s administration portal which will ask you for the username and password. Just in case you are not able to see the admin page, check the IP and entrée. You need to ensure that there are no typing errors and that the entrée has been made into the address bar of the browser, not the search bar. On the login page, enter the required info and click Log In/Sign In.

This is how you can access the IP address. But, are you sure that this IP address belongs to your wireless router? Well, to rule out your confusion, we’ve tabulated some information regarding this very IP. It will help you know the names of brands using the IP in the discussion along with the default password and username.

Brands Using with Default Login Info

S. No. Brand Name Default Username Default Password
1 Netgear admin password
2 Billion admin admin
3 D-Link admin
4 Linksys admin
5 Asus admin admin
6 TP-Link admin admin
7 Corega root

If own a WiFi router from any of the aforementioned brands, you can use the IP address to manage it. However, we advise you to check the router’s label or user manual before proceeding further. The reason being, not all router models support the same IP address. For example, some Netgear routers can be managed via the IP address whereas some routers run on IP.

Can’t Access IP [Possible Solutions]

Cross-Check the IP Entre

Cross-Check the IP Entrée

You might be facing problems while accessing the router’s IP because it does not belong to your router. Therefore, check the user manual and see if you’re using the correct one. However, you must know that the default IP won’t take you anywhere in case the router is running on a custom gateway (IP). In that case, using the customized IP is recommended.

Upgrade the Browser

Upgrade the Browser

Sometimes, it is an outdated version of the web browser that stops the user from accessing the default IP of the WiFi router. So, go to the Settings menu of the browser and check if it is running on an updated software version. In case it is not, update it as soon as possible. You also have the option of switching to another browser if one doesn’t work.

If all else fails, then we suggest you restart your WiFi router and try to access the IP address again. Once you get success with the process, feel free to manage the router the way you wish.

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